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This is a Community for the support of the ideas presented on the Anysize website.

It's been created to allow people to express body positive ideas and imagry. Anysize is about being comfortable with who you are and being healthy. It's also about learning that you don't need to diet/starve yourself/etc to be attractive.
Post about how much you approve of your body, post pictures of yourself or scary diet signs and the like, express concerns about the diet industry, or pretty much anything along those lines.

Anyone is invited to join us, regardless of size, gender, etc and so forth.

What's not ok: Please keep any pictures posted PG rated, this is not an age limited community. Please, avoid posting "OMG, I'm so FAT!" posts, This is a forum to express and improve self esteem, think positive! You don't have to be totally positive, but posts where that's all there is to it is attention-whoring(IMHO), which isn't appropriate here. And finally, remember, If you can't say something nice (or at least neutral), don't say anything at all (the Be Nice/No Flaming rule).