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Crossposted from my own LJ:

Lots and lots and lots about fat fabulousness with mentions of Big Burlesque, the Phat Fly Girls, etc. in the East Bay Express today:

I sat down on my break today to read the paper version. When I came to this bit, I got a little sniffly:

The primary reason for the antidiet stance of Joanne Ikeda, founding codirector of UC Berkeley's Center for Weight and Health, is that making fat people feel crappy by denouncing their bodies does not inspire them to get healthier. Nor does blaming them for soaring health-care costs encourage adherence to strict eating and exercise regimes. Instead, she argues, public health programs need to focus on lifestyle alone: Encourage people to eat nutritious foods, be physically active, and learn to respect and accept themselves.

"There's no research to show that body dissatisfaction motivates peopleto lose weight," Ikeda said. "If you think you're worthless, is that motivating? Only when you make people feel good will they be empowered to adopt a more positive lifestyle. There's this idea out there that if we let fat people be happy with their bodies, then everybody would become fat. It's crazy!"

I am not sure this is the healthiest weight for me, but I'm sure that fussing and obsessing over it is unhealthy. Every time I fuss about it, deyo reminds me that if we concentrate on anything at all, it should be that we are both woefully out of shape in terms of strength and endurance, and we need to build that up. So we're working on that with baby steps.
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